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Buy and sell used truck tires and used truck tire casings.

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Do not include payment with your application. We will contact you to arrange payment and to answer any questions you may have.

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  • 365 days of advertising on

  • Access to our monthly ROAD KILL teleseminars, where we grill an industry leader to uncover the latest profit making secrets in the trucking marketplace.

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Create Your Own conomic Stimulus Package for 2009 - 2010 SILVER Membership

Just $2.74 per day based on annual membership

Do You Promote Products or Services Related to Truck Tires or the Trucking Industry?

  • Your business will be listed and promoted for one full year on

  • You can choose the category that best suits your business.

  • You may list your company in additional categories at half price per category.

  • All listings submitted to must have valid contact information.

  • Replies or inquiries made to each listing are emailed directly to the submitter of the listing.

NOTE: Silver Members do not receive the T.I.R.E. software.

Arrow leftTo apply to become a SILVER Member of now, just fill out the form on the left side of this page. Or click here if you would prefer to print our membership application form and fax it to us.

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Just $4.11 per day based on annual membership

Includes Tire Tracking System for Tire Dealers, Trucking Companies and Fleet Operators

  • As a Gold Member, you will receive all the benefits of our SILVER Membership (see above), plus our complete T.I.R.E. inventory control system (Tire Inventory Recycle and Exchange), which includes our bar code scanner and special tire-scanning software.
    NOTE: The software alone is worth more than the price of your membership.

    This sytem enables you to track and control every new and used tire and casing that rolls into and out of your company. This tool should pay for itself in the first month. Get details of the T.I.R.E. Inventory Control System here.

    It is designed for tire shops and trucking companies that want to take charge of their truck tire casings management. Only Gold Members have access to this tire inventory tracking system and it's only available at

    1.) Click here to take a look at the T.I.R.E. tracking system you receive.

    2.) To apply to become a GOLD Member of, just complete the application to the left of this page.

    Or click here if you would prefer to print your membership application form and fax it to us.

NOTE: As a way of supporting those members who use our T.I.R.E. Inventory Control Software, our GOLD Members will receive priority access to all requests to buy or sell truck tires and casings.

  • GOLD Members will be notified of any new request for the purchase or sale of tires or casings 24 hours before our SILVER Members.

Rules Regarding the Purchase or Sale of Tire Related Products and Services

Our staff reviews all listings and requests for tires for suitability and relevance to our members. reserves the right to exclude any or all submissions if deemed to be inappropriate or offensive to our members and site visitors.

Responding To Buy or Sell Tires

NOTE: Only members have access to view used tires or casings available for sale through If you have tires to sell, you may advertise them to other members through this site.
  • Members may reply to a listing by entering their email address and filling out the response form.
  • A valid reply must be a direct response to the item or items posted.
  • You are not permitted to send mass mailings or promotional emails (spam) to our members or advertisers. Doing so will jeopardize your membership.

Tire Industry Advertising - Disclaimer promotes trade by bringing buyers and suppliers together.

  • assumes no liability for errors, omissions and/or misinterpretations pertaining to any producta or services advertised by a third party.

  • assumes no responsibility for any details, agreements or terms between tire buyers and sellers.

  • reserves the right to edit or exclude any listing submission.

To apply for membership, please fill out the form on the left column of this page. If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us by phone at 519-999-1488 or by email at:

We will do our best to follow up within one business day.

Fill out your application now and get the ball rolling.

Or click here to print an membership application form to fax or mail to us.

If you are the owner of a trucking company, you will save thousands of dollars and possibly a life or two, simply by becoming better educated about truck tire care and tire safety.

If you are an owner - operator of one truck or a fleet of trucks, you too can benefit from the insider knowledge that is available through membership.

If you are a truck driver, or you are considering becoming a truck driver, or you are married to a truck driver, you must have the best information available about the tires on your rig, and how to tell if they're healthy enough to get you to your intended destination safely.

If you have truck tires or tire casings to sell, then this is the place to find a buyer; and conversely, if you have a need for truck tires or tire casings, this is where you can find where to buy them.

Lastly, if you have a product or service that you want to promote to people in the trucking industry, we can't think of a better advertising venue than right here on

Remember, in North America there are more truck drivers than there are sales people. That's a huge market. We have lots of parking here on the site for the big rigs. Don't miss an opportunity to grab their attention whenever they pull in to

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Lower your commercial truck tire costs and promote tire safety in the trucking industry.