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Used truck tires, rims, wheels and tire casings.

Recycling used truck tires saves money, fuel and the environment.

If you buy or sell truck tires or 18-wheeler semi tire casings, consider joining

Truckers don't have the time to shop for used truck tires at the discount tire rack at local dealers.

So we buy and sell used truck tires and tire casings through American and Canadian tire stores, dealers and manufacturers.

If you run a tire shop or work in the trucking industry, know this:

You are losing money on used truck tires.

The most profitable thing you could do is to learn how to properly inspect and grade tire casings, sidewall belts and rubber tread wear of all used truck tires for maximum exchange value and top tire performance.

Need used 18-wheeler semi truck trailer tires?


Watch for big changes
in July, 2009.


As a member, you can gain control of your used truck tires and tire casings management.

FACT: It takes 20 US gallons of crude oil to manufacture one 11Rx24.5 truck tire. Recycling tires reduces oil consumption, saves money and helps the environment.

TIRE TIP: Check your bus, tractor or truck tire pressure regularly, because underinflated tires cause premature tire wear and excessive fuel consumption.

Money back guarantee on used tires.

Used truck tire inventory barcode scanner software.
Truck Tire Inventory Control Software

Click to view our TIRE Inventory Software

Buying or selling
used truck tires?

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We can help you buy or sell new and used truck tires. We also buy scrap tires and can arrange tire disposal and tire site remediation.

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Used truck tires, buy or sell tire casings from discount tire dealers, stores, rubber recycling shops